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This ride is in the spirit of of the big event in North America, the Tour Divide.  It is highly recommended that anybody interested in this ride read the information listed on the Tour Divide site.  


Things to keep in mind, and rules of the ride:

-This route is extremely remote, with minimal services during long stretches and through forested areas home to Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, Cougars, Wolves and many other critters.

-Carrying a Tracker device is highly recommended, cell service will be limited to none during many areas of this route.

-This is a fully self-supported ride, and outside support is not allowed.  If you need it, or think you might need it, better bring it.  

-Camping options should be plentiful along the route, with many official campgrounds and endless primitive camp spots on crown land available.

-This route goes through and passes by people's homes and places of business, please respect all areas of the route and leave it as you found it.  If you packed it in, pack it out.  

-If you need to leave the route for any reason, you must return to your last location and continue on from there.

-Services along the route are fair game, hotels, restaurants, pubs and stores are all available for use, as long as prearranged goods and services are not arranged.

-This ride is not an official event, nor is it sanctioned in any way, there is no entrance fee, and there is no prize for finishing.  

-All riders are solely responsible for their own safety and security along the route.

-This route follows public roads and all rules of the road must be followed.

-This website and the Facebook page/event are only used as a meeting place and area for collaboration.

-This website or founders of this website take no responsibility for riders safety, this page is for information only.


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